3 tips for a stress free move

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  • Moving house is, undoubtedly, a daunting task. But there are several other things that make it even more stressful. Packing uncountable number of boxes and making sure everything is packed safely to checking whether anything is left – all contribute a little to the stress levels.
  • Another problem of moving house is all these tasks are time consuming, expensive and requires management. And this is what majorly makes any kind of moving stressful. UK Home Removals has come up with certain ideas to make your home removals as easy and stressful as possible.
    1. Packing and unpacking: This is the most tedious job and equally important too. The level and quality of packing decides how good or bad your moving day is going to be. Always follow the rule of one thing at a time. Start from the room you least need and start packing. Never start two rooms at the same time otherwise you’ll end up mixing both, creating a mess everywhere.
    2. Loading and unloading: Loading the boxes into the vehicle you hired has to be done very carefully. It doesn’t really matter whether you have to shift from London to Birmingham, Manchester or Oxford. The boxes loaded in the truck has to be done the right way. With heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter one on the top with proper support such that they done fall off. Also, boxes with crockery or stuff that has the chances of breaking also has to be kept safely and in a separate shelf.

    Keep a track: Once your whole stuff is shipped and is on the way, it is very important to keep a track of the truck. Hence always hire a service that provides you the freedom and ability to keep a track.